dana Levin

founder and director

Dana is the originator and director of the Exploration Medicine podcast. He lives in Houston, Texas where he is training in aerospace medicine with NASA and UTMB.  He is also a practicing emergency medicine doctor and medical director for Equal Playing Field, the women's athletic association who set the world record for world's highest altitude soccer game.

In addition to space medicine research and operations, Dana has taught classes in extreme environment medicine and physiology with Weil Cornell University, the Wilderness Medicine Society, The University of Colorado, the Himalayan Rescue Association, and UTMB.

Along the way he spent time in mountains across the world researching altitude sickness, teaches a simulation based course in the Utah desert about the challenges of space medicine, and instructs students on SCUBA techniques and physiology.

In his spare time he  volunteers with the Civil Air Patrol as a pilot and trains in scientific and technical diving. He enjoys science fiction, skiing, social dancing, playing percussion, and writting songs.


Emily Stratton

Content and social Media 

Emily handles the social media side of the Exploration Medicine podcast. Hailing from the beautiful state of Washington, Emily currently lives in Syracuse, New York where she is an emergency medicine resident
physician at the State University of New York Upstate medical university.

She is very interested in the field of aerospace medicine and is the current secretary of the Aerospace Medicine Student and Resident Organization. She was the recipient of the Gregory G. Shaskan, MD Aerospace Medicine Education Scholarship to attend the Principles of Aviation and Space Medicine course during the summer of 2016. During this course, she was able to complete the UTMB Indoctrination Training Course that included a 25,000 foot altitude chamber flight at NASA Johnson Space Center.

In her spare time, Emily enjoys staying active, traveling, trying out new foods, writing/reading, and spending time with her animals.


Jeremy Sieker

Editing and content

Jeremy is an MD/PhD student at the University of California, San Diego. A Rocky Mountain native with a love for the outdoors, aviation, and invention, he is pursuing a career in wilderness and aerospace medicine. Before entering medical school, he conducted research at NASA Johnson Space Center, Baylor College of Medicine, Baylor University, and The Scripps Research Institute. His independent method and instrument prototyping projects at BU and TSRI have resulted in the de novo development of bioreactors for algae and bacterial biofilm in addition to two novel R statistical software packages. Apart from his academic pursuits, he is an avid wingsuiter, scuba diver, skydiving coach, rock climber, mountain-climber, musician, and private pilot in-training. 


Naomi Shanzer 

website and graphics design

Naomi is a professional artists and graphic designer based in Philadelphia, PA. her art focuses on a visual exploration of the surreal applied to the mundane. She has always been enthusiastic about space and education and was thrilled for the opportunity to lend her eye to the exploration medicine project

See more of her work on her website: