Our mission


The Exploration medicine podcast was created for three reasons:

To be a forum where people can learn about and discuss extreme environment medicine.

To spark discussion and interest in the field both online and off.

To inspire explorers of all backgrounds to pursue and share their insights and experiences


In short, we want to tell cool stories about amazing people doing amazing things everywhere from bathtubs to bathyspheres and from New York to New Cydonia. The goal is to share what we've already learned, highlight areas we don't yet understand , and hopefully inspire you to fill in some of the gaps. Along the way we'll talk to; doctors, divers, pilots, astronauts, mountaineers, researchers, and other explorers.

We'll cover how what we learn about supporting human life where human life is not possible benefits humanity as a whole. We'll examine the history behind our knowledge and the processes we use to shed light on the previously unknowable. We'll discuss the adventures, setbacks, mistakes, and resilience of those practicing exploration medicine. And we'll cover ways to foster your own curiosity and explore your world safely. 

We'll do this through regularly posted podcasts featuring interviews with some of the brightest and most accomplished people in the field. These podcasts will be accompanied by links to papers, images and other media. Each episode will have a forum where listeners can post their responses, questions, thoughts, or ideas.

Between the podcasts we'll post brief vignettes, videos, and graphics highlighting specific principles related to the topic or stories of other explorers and their experiences. 


Thank you for taking this journey with us. We hope to hear from you soon!


             See you out there...

                         - The Exploration Medicine Team


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To promote



To entertain